LG introduced the Optimus Black in Madrid in May 2011. At the time of the presentation could be considered as a terminal upper-middle range, although currently occupies the mid-low range due to the huge leap that have terminals from the filing date until today.


For many, the Optimus Black is one of the best-looking phones with the naked eye, the reduced thickness of only 9.2 mm, with a weight of 109 grams make it very attractive.


Another thing that attract attention is its innovative NOVA display 4 "high brightness (700 nits 500 nits compared to major competitors), which allows you to view the contents, even in direct sunlight and the truth is that is greatly appreciated.



The Optimus Black has a NOVA display 4 "high brightness (700 nits) and a resolution of 480x800 for displaying the contents even in bright sunlight.


Regarding your say battery that has a capacity of 1,500 mAh and has no much difference with other terminals of the same segment, allows us to spend the day with the use of approximately 4-5 hours of screen, while we can repoposo endure a couple of days without much effort.


Its rear camera is 5 MP with auto-focus with LED flash, allowing us to take pictures with a high quality during the day in places clear and of lower quality in low light or dark.


Regarding your front camera has 2 megapixels, allowing us to enjoy video without losing detail, the truth is that it is one of the terminals with more powerful front camera market.

Last but not least talk about your hardware, although it is not a dual core offers good performance.

It features a 1 GHz OMAP processor single-core, typical moreover if we talk midrange / low, has 512 MB of RAM that amply meets its mission. It has a 2GB ROM staying free for own just over 1Gb, which is more than enough to install as many applications as you want, but when compared to the capabilities offered by existing terminals are we doing something small.

As for connections with Bluetooth 2.1 and WiFi Direct, DLNA, FM Rdio ...
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